We are tired of this rain in the UK. If I had 1 pence for every time I heard the word ‘miserable’ to describe the weather, I’d be rolling in the sand at San Giorgio by now. I am wearing socks – it’s mid July for crying out loud. But I won’t fall into that trap, I will not lament about it anymore because.. we are going to NYC next week! My husband is going for work, and since it falls over my birthday, he decided to bring me along as a treat (not as an obligation as a husband). I heard people are melting there in New York, and I can’t wait.. this time I will take pictures. But until next week, I can only imagine what it feels like to perspire from the summer sun by indulging in these photos.

I constantly remind my dogs how lucky they are, what a good life they have, and how miserable a friend’s friend’s dog is because it rarely, if ever, leaves its owner’s studio home in NYC. And my dogs have been everywhere with us whenever possible. Central Park, Prospect Park, McCarrren Park and all the doggie parks in between when we were living in NYC. Now in London, they ride the tube, hang out in pubs, roll in deer poo at Richmond Park, chase pigeons in Hyde Park, swim in the Thames.. Not to mention car rides. Short of a steak each a night, these dogs have got it made. People say those pampered handbag prissy dogs have got good lives, but I beg to defer. Dogs are at their best when they’re in their element doing dog things. Rolling in shit. Sniffing each others’ bumbums and dingdongs. Chewing sticks and grass. Chasing balls and pigeons. That’s real doggy heaven. Whatever it is, I’m grateful that they do it together.


Can’t take my eyes off this detail sheer plaid detail from Alexander Wang’s 2012 Pre Fall collection. “Whimsical, deceptive textures” is the theme that unites this collection. I enjoy the play on structure cleverly displayed in the silhouettes and layers. The masculine tailoring and boyish cuts are balanced out with the feminine translucency. Preppy intertwined with edgy. Definitely love.

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Like all football widows out there, I’d like to say thank God Euro 2012 is over. Congrats to Spain, big hugs to Italy’s goalkeeper, let’s move on. Not that I mind at all that I have to watch it with my husband since we only have one telly box, because I do like watching those really great goals. Also, I understand the rules of the game more than I ever did of American football. I’m more of an individual competitive sport spectator, to be honest. Like Tennis or Diving. But really, the one thing that excited me were these minimalist posters by David Watson.

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Danish photographer Ditte Isager has a really stunning portfolio of elegant moments that makes me think about the objects in context, the crispness in the texture and the relationship of styling a product for a specific brand. My favorite set is the one for Fritz Hansen of Arne Jakobsen’s collection for the company. Simply stunning.


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